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Henna Hands


A cultural favorite

Mehndi is popular among colleges, larger events with mostly adults, and graduation parties. It is not preferred that children get Mehndi because of its staining properties.  An artist can get to 15- 20 guests an hour. 

Here's how it works:

We call this art Henna. Whereas the art form is actually called Mehndi. Henna is the plant that is ground to a fine powder that comes from the Middle East. Lemon juice, tea tree oils, sometimes coffee and other juices are mixed with the henna powder to release the staining properties. The powder becomes a gel-like consistency and is applied in similar designs seen above.

Henna takes about 20 minutes to dry on the skin. You can leave it on or flake it off after it is dry. The longer you leave it on the longer it will continue to be absorbed by your skin and so therefore the longer the stain will remain. The stain can last anywhere from one week to 2 and a half weeks depending on how well you take care of it and keep it safe from exfoliation. The Stain will be darkest for the first few days then start to turn orange as it fades. 

* Disclaimer: beware of Black Henna (henna combined with a black toxic chemical, PPD) and Jagua Gel they are dangerous to some people and not safe. The color of the henna being used by your artist should have a brown tint to it. 

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